Tampere 1918 exhibition

  • Switch the language to English from the top left corner of the virtual tour screen.
  • You can navigate through the exhibition either by using the keyboard arrow keys (left, right, forward, backward) or by clicking with a mouse.

  • You can also view the exhibition with a mobile device.
  • In the exhibition, there are symbols in different colors. By clicking on them, you can access additional information. Clicking on a light green symbol allows you to read the exhibition’s main texts.

  • Yellow symbols contain in-depth thematic texts. Clicking on blue symbols provides more detailed information about the exhibition objects. By clicking on a purple symbol, you can access the exhibition’s video and audio content.

  • In connection with the exhibition texts, there are images. Clicking on an image displays it larger on the screen. On the edges of the images, there are arrows that, when clicked, allow you to view the next or previous image.

  • The exhibition contains material that may seem shocking. We only recommend the exhibition to those over 13 years old.